Paddle Experience is ready for you as you head out to explore.

For us, an explorer is an individual seeking to discover and experience spaces and that they would not normally on their own, all the while linking up with like-minded people. Paddling allows you to see and experience the world from the perspective of a kayak in often out-of-the-way spaces, connecting with the natural environment.

We offer one and two day packages to locations within easy reach of Cape Town, typically over a weekend. These are for up to ten paddlers plus partners, fully catered and involve budget accommodation. The packages are scheduled when the seasonal conditions are optimum.

A particular package could be orientated towards recreation or technical instruction, with the freedom to paddle within the group or on you own. We have Vagabond double and single kayaks, plus several plastic and composite surfskis available. Depending on the nature of the activity and the environment, you might prefer to use your own craft.

These venues are on offer:
Langebaan Lagoon, Western Cape CoastŸ
Klein River, Stanford, Southern Cape Coast
Berg River, Veldrif, Western Cape Coast
Breede River, Southern Cape CoastŸ

We can also customise a package to the specific requirements of a group


Langebaan lagoon is a unique expanse of water that attracts and supports abundant marine and birdlife. The tidal wetland is of international importance, falling under the protection of the West Coast National Park. Diverse water sport activities are possible outside the protected environmental areas. Long stretches of clear and open water provide perfect conditions for kayaking, surfski paddling and various other sports such as boating and sailing. You can paddle southerly towards the protected zone or northerly towards Saldanha and the open sea. Accommodation is varied, but is possible near the water’s edge. Langebaan is an ideal getaway destination for a paddling enthusiast.

Langebaan is 120 kilometres from Cape Town on the West Coast, accessed via the R27.

paddle experience - paddlers on Klein River, Stanford


Enjoy Enjoy the peaceful and tranquil waters of the Klein River, where we stay near the water’s edge. The river environment is unspoilt, supporting a large variety of bird species and fresh water fish, along with indigenous animals such as otters and terrapins. Paddling can be an organised group affair or you can venture out on your own, perhaps an extended distance into the Klein River Lagoon towards the open sea. Sharing paddling stories over the sundown braai adds to the ambiance of a few days away. Other attractions in the area include restaurants and wine tasting, and there is scope for hiking and biking.

Stanford is situated on the southern cape coast, an easy two-hour drive from Cape Town, accessed via the N2 and R43 through Hermanus.

paddle experience - canoeists during the berg river marathon, near picketberg.


The Berg River offers endless opportunities to paddle. The lower reaches are abundant with bird life, from kingfishers to flamingos. This stretch of water provides an ideal breakaway for paddlers wanting to experience the outdoors. There are commercial campsites on the water’s edge, with plenty of overnight accommodation in Veldrif for multiple day excursions. Paddling is possible from upstream starting at Paarl all the way westwards towards the estuary mouth into the Atlantic Ocean at St Helena Bay. The upstream excursions are arranged in winter when the water level is higher following the seasonal rains. With multiple portages and rapids, kayaks and canoes are suitable for the upstream activities, while surfskis can be used downstream in the flatter flood plain towards the estuary mouth.

Veldrif is 140 kilometres from Cape Town on the West Coast, accessed via the R27.

paddle experience - epic V7s loaded on trailer ready for a trip to the breede river.


The source of the Breede River is in the mountains around Ceres, with tributaries joining it on its journey eastwards towards Witsands on the southern cape coast. In season when there is sufficient water, long stretches of the river can be navigated on a plastic kayak or fiberglass canoe. The river is mostly slow flowing, interspersed with easily negotiable rapids, weirs and portage points. The stretch of river chosen to explore depends on the participants and the level of the water. We camp alongside the river, although local roofed accommodation can be arranged. This excursion is ideal for individuals seeking an introduction to river paddling or undertaking river proficiency training.

It is a two-hour drive to the upper stretches of the Breede River from Cape Town, accessed via the N1 through the Huguenot Tunnel and Worcester.

Contact Tracy on 071 174 3099 or email for more details.

paddle experience - daniel exploring the vast expanse of the klein river, stanford.