Ready to boost your paddling into a new dimension?

Our LEARN activities are aimed at the more serious individual seeking to learn paddling technique, enhance training or develop a racing skill. Scheduled one to two hour sessions begin with craft and paddle setup and progress towards completing a downwind endeavour.

LEARNING principles

Three to four participants are grouped to fast track the learning process. Session content can be structured or specific to accommodate the need of participants. Group sessions involving a training camp are scheduled from time to time, with eight to ten participants. Groups are arranged according to skill so as not to inhibit the progress of individual paddlers.

Coaching is highly interactive, based on the principles and content contained in books in the SURFSKI series, authored by Kevin Brunette. A print copy of the books relevant to a session will be available for purchase at the LEARN activity.

Using your own kit

We have a limited number of Epic V7s available, which should facilitate the switch from a stable rudderless craft, supporting the transition from flat water to the sea.

It should only be necessary to use our kit for the first few sessions, because using your own craft and wing bladed paddle best prepares you to venture out on your own. The transition to paddling a surfski on the open sea should be possible after only a few sessions.

Being prepared to learn paddling technique requires a GPS device, some juice and plenty of patience.


Join us on a session to learn paddling technique. An hour session starts with a ten minute technical dialogue followed by a practical activity on the water. For the paddling component, you can expect a moderate to hard session. The purpose of sessions is to assist you re-entering the sport after a layoff or those needing to assess and refresh their skills. Subjects range from wave riding to visualising a stroke, rotated so that there should always be something of interest.
This is a scheduled group session, so rather request an individual session if that is what you prefer. It costs a bit more, but timing is more flexible in a one-on-one session. 
Advance booking is essential if you don’t bring your own boat.

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The GPS track shows the path taken on a Miller's Run in False Bay, South Africa. It is a 12km downwind with a SE wind, following a line just inside the freestanding Roman Rock Lighthouse.


Downwind is the essence of surfski paddling. For a genuine downwind experience, you have to know how to harness the energy of wind driven swell, otherwise doing downwind can be difficult and often dangerous.

We offer instruction, starting in relatively flat conditions then moving to short sections of downwind, perhaps pointers in Fish Hoek, where it is safe to learn. With accumulated skill, you can join us on a Miller’s Run in mild to moderate conditions, a further step towards doing the run on your own.
Participants should be of intermediate paddling competency. Groups are small to ensure interactivity, instructed and guided by expert downwinders.

This is a scheduled group session, so rather request an individual session if that is what you prefer. Although the price is higher, timing is more flexible with a one-on-one session and you get individual attention. With the nature of the activity, you should use your own craft. One-on-one downwind sessions and Miller’s Runs in strong to extreme conditions are also available with an expert downwinder. These are  on request, either escorted on your own craft or on a FENN XTS double surfski.

CONTACT US to book your session with one of our awesome coaches who are ready to take you on an adventure!
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