EXPLORE, ADVENTURE and LEARN with Paddle Experience.

We are the only kayak tour company to offer a FULL RANGE of paddling experiences to suit both your paddling ability and desire:


TOURS: Jump onto one of our fun and stable sit-on-top kayaks to see Cape Town from a totally unique viewpoint. Your choice could be an ADVENTURE tour in the Simon’s Town Harbour and along its coastline or a tour of the Zandvlei Estuary Nature Reserve with its abundant birdlife.
DOWNWIND: If you have experience in a canoe or surfski we are now also able to offer the bungee jumping of the surfski world: a true Cape Town Style Downwind Paddle known locally as a Miller’s Run. This is sold as a package as you have to go through our introductory training before we unleash your inner adventurer and let you ride the swells into Fishhoek beach with the wind pumping behind you!


OVERNIGHT EXPLORE PACKAGES: It is simple to tailor your paddling journey with us. Having participated in a two hour adventure activity, and you get more interested in paddling, join us on an extended trip.


Once you see that you can paddle faster and further, you can sign up for a LEARN activity as your desire to paddle escalates. Our tour and package structure ensures that you to get back to us, keen and ready for the next paddling activity.

Your Paddle Experience is waiting for you!


Even if you have limited paddling experience or have not paddled before there will be something for you.
Paddle Experience provides varied offerings through its EXPLORE packages and ADVENTURE tours in the Cape Town environs and beyond, and coaching sessions through its LEARN initiative. It hosts SPECIAL EVENTS to introduce entry-level individuals to the sport, and also provides services to the paddling community.

Knowledgeable guides lead your activity on kayaks requiring limited paddling ability. All you need is a sense of fun and adventure because you are most likely to get wet.
Tours and packages are designed to align with the abilities of the individuals taking part, making our activities accessible to many levels of participants. You should not find any activity overwhelming or intimidating.

In addition to our scheduled packages and tours, you can contact us to arrange a customised activity, such as a team-building activity. We also offer specialist one-on-one technical and downwind coaching.


We have a fully mobile unit to supplement our regular paddling spaces, providing a pop-up paddling service at diverse locations. This facilitates corporate and team-building paddling activities within the greater Cape Town area for our clients.

paddle experience Undertakes to…

ensure safety first and have fun second
provide the means for entry level paddlers to access the water
Ÿ share its passion for paddling and the environment
Ÿ make a positive impact on the world around us

An element of risk and danger comes with being on the water and the open sea, and while Paddle Experience will take every precaution to ensure a safe outing, you are required to disclose any medical condition and complete an indemnity form before paddling with us.