The Paddle Experience team is well equipped to support you on your paddling journey through its EXPLORE, ADVENTURE and LEARN initiatives.

We care deeply about the world we live in and consider the spaces in which we have the privilege to be active as precious and extremely fragile. In all our activities, we strive to heighten our clients’ awareness of the world around us through our communication and actions, all the while limiting our impact on the environment.

Each team member has unique attributes that contribute our offerings. These influence the moment from when you first put a craft on the water to perfecting your technique once you become serious about your performance.


Terrence is the driving force behind Paddle Experience. He loves being on the water, on a river or the open sea, always with huge energy and joy.

With his extensive knowledge of South Africa’s rivers and seas, combined with his expertise and passion to share kayak paddling with others, Terrence leads the EXPLORE and ADVENTURE activities.

Terrence has undergone kayak guide training, safety courses and is an accredited tour guide with the National Department of Tourism.

paddle experience - tracy pomeroy-ward capturing images on a tour from long beach


Tracy is the mainstay of the organisation, leading the client liaison and marketing components.

Apart from being involved in our tours and training aspects, Tracy also runs Soul Sisters, an awesome women’s only paddling group that meets on Monday mornings, weather permitting of course!

Ian Trautmann - supports downwind activities


Ian brings extensive paddling expertise into the team. He has considerable experience in canoe and surfski paddling, having completed several Berg River Marathons and Cape Point Challenges. He is a strong paddler, frequently seen in time trials, pulling at the front of the bunch.
Coming from an integrated paddling and windsurfing background, Ian is well versed with the nuances of sea and wind, including the safety issues that accompany extreme environmental conditions. With this expertise, he supports Paddle Experience’s downwind activities.

Contact Tracy on 071 174 3099 or email for more details.


Paddle Experience undertakes to:
– ensure safety first, have fun second
– provide a challenging activity in interesting spaces
– share its passion for kayaking in the natural environment
– make a positive impact on the world around us

Some risk comes with being on the water, and while we take every precaution to promote a successful and safe outing, you are required to complete an indemnity form and disclose any adverse medical condition. Even though we use stable craft, you need a sense of adventure, because you are exposed to the environmental conditions of wind and water.

Contact Tracy on 071 174 3099 or email for more details.