Learning a technically and physically orientated sport such as surfski or river paddling can be challenging on your own.

We offer a range of modules to support the learning process, from novice to advanced paddler. The modules promote natural progression, building on the basics through to advanced techniques and skills.

paddle experience - terrence doing introduction to session on the water at simon's town


Sessions are limited to four paddlers for a favourable coach to participant ratio. Customised sessions are available on request for one or two participants. Training camps are scheduled from time to time, with eight to ten participants.

We provide craft, wing bladed paddles and safety gear, but participants can use their own kit. Available craft include single and double surfskis, and K1 and K2 canoes. Suitable wet gear should be brought along with a change of clothing. A peaked sunhat and sunscreen are also necessary.

Session content can be structured or customised according to the need of participants. Coaching is dynamic and interactive, based on the books in the SURFSKI series, a copy of which will be available for purchase.

paddle experience - being prepared to learn paddling technique requires a GPS device, some juice and plenty of patience.


Our LEARN activities are targeted at the more serious paddler seeking to enhance a technical, training or racing skill. Because there is so much to learn, course content has been separated into modules to cover all aspects of paddling.

These modules are on offer:
Surfski Basics
Surviving at Sea – intermediate and advanced
Perfecting your Technique – intermediate and advanced
Training for Performance – intermediate and advanced
Winning the Races – intermediate and advanced
Paddling Downwind – intermediate and advanced
River Skills – intermediate and advanced

This gives scope to attend a sequence of sessions according to your need, from stroke correction to downwind paddling. These are group sessions, so request an individual session if that is what you after, which costs more, but the timing and focus become flexible. There is a premium for the open water and river venues to cover the engagement of an assistant coach.

Participants attending the advanced sessions are expected to have knowledge of the basics, especially safety. While there is limited overlap, the essential core elements are not repeated across modules.

paddle experience - the GPS track shows the path taken on a Miller's Run in False Bay, South Africa. It is a 12km downwind with a SE wind, following a line just inside the freestanding Roman Rock Lighthouse.


We run courses on Mondays and Fridays, in the early part of the day. Participants should arrive 20 minutes ahead of the scheduled time. Each module is three hours, split into a theory component followed by a practical on-the-water component, then concluded with a recap and question session.

Venues are the Peninsula Canoe Club (PCC) at Zandvlei Estuary Nature Reserve, Long Beach Simonstown (LB) and Fish Hoek Beach Sports Club (FHBSC) in False Bay. These are safe spaces in which to learn. Each venue has changing facilities. The venue on the day depends on the module and the expected weather, but the sea is preferred with the advanced modules. PCC offers mostly flat water, sometimes windy conditions, LB provides safe access from the beach to the sea, and FHBSC offers open sea conditions off the beach into False Bay.

For downwind, we start in mild conditions then transition to more moderate conditions, doing pointers in Fish Hoek or Simon’s Town. For the river modules, instruction could involve an overnight stay. Venues would be the upper and lower reaches of the Berg and Breede Rivers, depending on the participants and the water conditions. River instruction is scheduled after the winter rains, from April onwards, when the water level is sufficiently high.

Contact Tracy on 071 174 3099 or email tracy@paddleexperience.co.za for more details.

paddle experience - the safety kit of a well equipped surfski.